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Fargo FITLIFE is a one of a kind training studio.  Many other gyms have group fitness instructors that participate in the workout with the members.  Here at FITLIFE, all sessions are conducted by Certified Personal Trainers, we do not participate in the workout with our members.  We want to focus on YOU, the client.  Every session is designed and instructed by a professional, so all of our clients have a safe workout with the best results.  Do you have limited flexibility in your shoulders? Do you have a bad knee? Our trainers have modifications to every workout if you need it,  to get you great results even with injuries or limited flexibility.

We also pride ourselves on making all of our members feel welcome and comfortable. We understand that if you feel awkward working out, you just won’t workout. An open line of communication, and positive relationships with other members and trainers is our number one priority.

You can’t have a positive ending without a beginning. Don’t be afraid to be a beginner.

Come join the hottest new fitness craze and transform your life to the FITLIFE.