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What makes you different than other gyms?
At Fargo FITLIFE, we offer small group bootcamp sessions, all led by a Certified Personal Trainer. Don’t let the term “bootcamp” scare you, it just refers to the style of session we offer. The trainer is not participating with the members, which allows them to check form, answer questions, and keep you motivated!

Do you offer discounts through insurance?
Yes we do! We partner with Blue Cross Blue Shield ND, Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN, Fargo Public Schools, and Sanford Health Plan. Earn up to $20.00 reimbursement back from your insurance company when you exercise 12 times per month.

I have never really worked out before, is this for me?
Absolutely! We can modify any exercise to make sure that you will feel successful, but challenged at the same time. Everyone has to start somewhere!! We pride ourselves on offering a supportive and motivating environment.

Do you have locker rooms?
We do not. We have 2 changing rooms, and also cubby space for your belongings.

I have an old injury that makes certain movements difficult for me. Can I still participate?
Yes you can! We can tweak any exercise for individuals with some limitations in range of motion, etc. We are experts at this!

What do I need to bring to each session? A water bottle, towel if you choose, and a positive attitude!

Are you going to be crowded all of the time like my old gym?
Not at all! We limit our class sizes to 12 participants so that we can ensure proper form and safety for our clients. The online scheduling system we have will automatically close the session once 12 members are signed up. Our goal is to be as involved with your training as we can!


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